What's Going On at Number Sixty One ....

Founded in 2004 by Nikki Jordan, we are a multi award winning 'Boutique Salon & Spa'.
Previously known as ‘Allure Beauty’ we are now ‘Number Sixty One Salon & Spa’ with two Dublin locations.
Our teams of highly trained & skilled therapists aim to deliver 5* results to each client, every time. 
Our aim is to provide this high standard of care & excellence in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Why We Care &
What We Can Do

Number 61 is aware that its business activities impact upon the environment and is committed to ensuring these activities have the least possible detrimental effect. With more stringent hygiene protocols, there are huge amounts of waste being produced. We have been working hard behind the scenes to improve the way we do business.
  • Cruelty free brands
  • Ethically sources products
  • Paperless where possible. Including digital consultation forms, Menus etc.
  • Emailed receipts where possible.
  • Even our appointment cards are seeded, meaning you can plant them after your appointment 
  • Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and regulations.
  • Assess the environmental impacts of our operations, continuously seeking to reduce pollution and
    improving our resource efficiency through reduction of energy use and waste.
  • Promote environmental and energy awareness in our employees through participation and training.
  • Work with our customers to make more environmentally sensitive choices.
  • Monitor our progress to ensure ongoing improvements in our environmental performance.
  • Communicate this policy to stakeholders and the public and work with our neighbours to reduce the
    visual impact of our operations.
  • Implement a rigorous recycling roster in our spa/salon
  • Work alongside our suppliers, we are requesting recyclable packaging only, no plastics.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint as part of a carbon management strategy.
  • Optimise energy efficiency and conservation in all operations.
  • Control and manage energy efficiency in our business and promote energy efficiency.
  • Even our website uses 300% Renewable Web Hosting who purchase three times the wind energy credits to make up for the energy used by their services to power our website.
  • Actively promote reuse and recycling both internally and amongst our suppliers and customers.
  • Minimise waste generation where possible.
  • Setting specific improvement targets, monitoring progress and communicating results internally.
  • Continual improvement through the development of environmental performance evaluation
    procedures and associated indicators.
  • Develop specific objectives to continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Set objectives and targets for continuous improvement. Measure and review our performance regularly and communicate the results.
  • Continual performance improvement in minimising environmental impacts of our business.
  • Promoting continuous improvement by setting, monitoring and reviewing our environmental targets and objectives.
  • Choosing suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practices and make this the
    procurement policy of our company.
  • Purchasing products and services that have the least environmental impact, where this is feasible.
  • Encouraging suppliers and contractors to implement sustainable environmental systems.
  • Encouraging environmental awareness among our employees through appropriate communication and training programmes.
  • Promoting environmental awareness throughout our business.
  • Ensure that all employees understand our environmental policy and conform to its standards.
  • Continuous training of all staff in all environment related issues.
    • Informing and motivating all of our staff and encouraging them to play an active role in committing to
    our environmental policy.

Welcome To No. 61 Swords

Our original salon

Established in 2004, Nikki J Jordan opened the doors of No. Sixty One, formerly known as Allure Beauty, in Swords, County Dublin, 

With over 20 years experience Nikki and her talented team have gathered numerous awards and accolades. The salon is recognised as one of the leading clinics in the Irish beauty industry.

No. Sixty One offers the most advanced non surgical treatments available, with constant training and dedication, we provide you with 5* service every time.

Welcome To No. 61 Spa, Roganstown Hotel

Your new spa experience

We opened the doors of the No. Sixty One Spa on the premises of the elegant, 4* Roganstown Hotel & Country Club in 2021. The new spa experience is gaining praise and recognition for its relaxing atmosphere, luxurious treatments, environmental policy and sustainable ethos.

Our spa offers the most advanced non surgical treatments available, with constant training and dedication, we provide you with 5* service every time. Come on down for some Pedi’s and Prosecco


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