YonKa mens cleansing Duo


YonKa mens cleansing Duo



Yon-ka Men’s Cleansing Duo contains : 

Men’s Foam Gel – 100 ml

Often thicker and more oily, men’s skins like GEL MOUSSE which thin and soft foam rinses off easily.

Its best assets :- soft cleansing agents and liquorice extract with calming and softening properties to respect the skin,- hydrating and purifying actives such as Iris,- and a blend of essential oils, (among which: citruses, patchouli, pepper mint) for their refreshing and purifying properties, leaving the skin clean and fresh.

Men’s Lotion – 150 ml

Spraying the LOTION YK will immediately bring freshness without leaving any oily film onto the face. Alcohol-free, it does not irritate the skin and will soothe razor burn.

Paper Box and Sleeve


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